Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain City Council Byelection Candidates

Dear Ward 7 Neighbours:

Back at the beginning of November, the Spectator published an article about who might be running for Scott Duvall’s empty City Council seat in the Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain byelection.

At the time only Doug Farraway and Geraldine McMullen had publicly announced their intention to run for City Council.  However, the Spectator points out that as many as 20 Ward 7 candidates may be on the ballet.

You can read the original Hamilton Spectator piece here:

Everyone has their eye on the prize in Ward 7 byelection

Here are a few excerpts:

Among those who have expressed an interest in joining Farraway and McMullen are Hamilton Mountain Liberal candidate Shawn Burt; former Ward 7 candidates Mark-Alan Whittle, Mark Harrington and Keith Beck; McMaster economics student and Conservative Party booster Hans Zuriel; former Liberal nomination candidate Howard Rabb; John-Paul Danko, spouse of Hamilton Ward 7 public school trustee Dawn Danko; and Ward 6 public school trustee Kathy Archer, founder of the Mountain Kidz Klub. Archer also works part-time as Giggles the Clown, which would bring an interesting vocation to the political antics at 71 Main St. W.

Farraway, who penned a column in the Hamilton Mountain News for a decade, considers himself among the front-runners.

“After 36 years in radio I think I have name and face recognition.”


John-Paul Danko

John-Paul Danko – Hamilton City Council Candidate

Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain

John-Paul Danko Post Card_Hamilton_Central_Mountain_Ward_7_City_Council


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I met you for the first time at my door this afternoon. I like the fact that you are an independent,born and continue to live in the ward and know the issues in the ward.
I firmly believe that we need fresh faces, NEW ideas in this city from top to bottom in order to move forward.
My first impression.....you got my vote on March 21st.

Paul Ward 7 Resident - Hamilton Central Mountain February 1, 2016

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I met JP Danko at the Hamilton Citizen Jury event at Mohawk College, and I have to say, I wholeheartedly endorse him as Candidate for Ward 7.

My personal opinion is he is a great balance for the Mountain, and understands and knows the challenges that lie ahead. He is an excellent diplomat that can engage Mountain residents and Lower City residents. He has the Concession BIA in his ward, the only true urbanized street on the Mountain, so this is a very important anchor of urbanization to market the rest of Ward 7.

Mark IT Professional, Hamilton December 9, 2015

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I’m endorsing John-Paul Danko as the independent candidate for Ward 7.

Ward 7 needs a city councillor that represents everyone, not just Conservative, Liberal, or NDP supporters.

Greg Executive Director of the Escarpment Project February 1, 2016

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Finally a candidate I can get excited about voting for! John-Paul has integrity, vision and a very personal stake in the future of Ward 7.

Dee College Teacher, Resident-Ward 7, Hamilton Central Mountain December 9, 2015

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JP's passion for city planning and infrastructure coupled with his extensive business experience will make him a force to be reconned with on City Council.

Randy Retail Manager, Resident-Ward 7, Hamilton Central Mountain December 9, 2015

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  1. John-Paul will be an excellent Councillor. He was actively involved in the ARC process. He is one of maybe half the field of candidates who lives in Ward 7. And having no links to any political party or special interest is a definite plus…we are all too aware of special interests that can pull the strings at City Hall.

  2. Mr. Danko has my full support. He values diversity, is articulate, and passionate about the ward he lives in. I look forward to him representing Ward 7!

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