In the News – The Hamiltonian – Engineer John-Paul Danko Announces Candidacy For Central Mountain Council Seat

Dear Ward 7 Neighbours:

Following campaign announcements from Doug Farraway and Geraldine McMullen of their intentions to run for the Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain council seat vacated by Scott Duvall’s election as MP, I sent out my own press release to announce my candidacy for the 2016 Ward 7 byelection.

You can read the full press release at The Hamiltonian here:

Media Release: Engineer John-Paul Danko, P. Eng. Announces Candidacy for Central Mountain Council Seat

Here is an excerpt:

38 year old Central Mountain resident and professional engineer John-Paul Danko promises to bring his career experience building bridges (literally) to City Council if elected in the Ward 7 byelection (scheduled for March 21st)…


John-Paul Danko

John-Paul Danko – Hamilton City Council Candidate

Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain

John-Paul Danko Post Card_Hamilton_Central_Mountain_Ward_7_City_Council


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I wish John-Paul Danko had been the Councillor for Ward 7 during the ARC, he has already proven he wouldn't have been afraid to get involved with the process, get his hands dirty and work with the community! I will be voting for him on March 21st!

Stefanie Store Manager, Resident-Ward 7, Hamilton Central Mountain December 9, 2015

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I’m endorsing John-Paul Danko as the independent candidate for Ward 7.

Ward 7 needs a city councillor that represents everyone, not just Conservative, Liberal, or NDP supporters.

Greg Executive Director of the Escarpment Project February 1, 2016

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I met you for the first time at my door this afternoon. I like the fact that you are an independent,born and continue to live in the ward and know the issues in the ward.
I firmly believe that we need fresh faces, NEW ideas in this city from top to bottom in order to move forward.
My first got my vote on March 21st.

Paul Ward 7 Resident - Hamilton Central Mountain February 1, 2016

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Highly impressed by @JPDankoWard7 vision for ward 7. Lives in the ward, and has a history of promoting mountain issues #hamont

Owen Ward 7 Resident February 1, 2016

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Having worked with John-Paul on a project recently I was most impressed with his willingness to look at a problem from every angle and perspective, this is not a guy who is afraid to think outside the box and advocate for what he believes in.

Duane Civil Engineer, Grimsby December 9, 2015

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