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Dear Ward 7 Neighbours,

The campaign for Ward 7 is heading into the home stretch and we are out working as hard as possible every day.

We know that we have put in the groundwork to be within striking distance of winning – but we need your help.

Without a political party backing our campaign, our two major challenges are volunteers and funding.

The result of this campaign will shape the future of Ward 7 and Hamilton for years to come, so if you have ever considered getting involved, now is the time.

Financial Donations

Financial donations from our supporters make this campaign possible.  To contribute by credit card via PayPal, please click on the following link:

Paypal donate now button

Campaign donations can also be made my cheque made out to “Campaign for John-Paul Danko” and mailed or delivered to:

Campaign for John-Paul Danko c/o Stefanie Sheils, Campaign Manager

11 Buchanan Street, Hamilton, ON, L9A 2V7


To volunteer to either help drop fliers or knock on doors, please use the contact form below to get in touch.

Thank You For Your Support!

I would like to sincerely thank you for your support – together we can move Hamilton forward!


Our campaign can accept contributions from:

  • Individuals who are normally resident in Ontario
  • Corporations that carry on business in Ontario
  • Trade Unions that hold bargaining rights for employees in Ontario

Note: If your business is a sole proprietorship or an LLP you are not eligible to make a contribution through your business or partnership. Those contributions can only be made personally from your personal funds as long as you are a resident of Ontario.

As per the Municipal Elections Act, the campaign cannot accept donations from:

  • Groups, clubs, associations or ratepayer’s groups.
  • A federal political party, constituency or riding association, or a registered candidate in a federal election.
  • A provincial political party, constituency or riding association or a registered candidate or leadership contestant.
  • A federal or provincial government, a municipality or a school board.

Contribution Limits

There is a $750 limit that applies to each person, corporation and union who contributes to a campaign. If you or your company wishes to contribute to more than one campaign in an election you must ensure that the value of all contributions to all candidates does not exceed $5000, and that no single candidate receives a contribution in cash,  or in kind services over $750.


If a campaign accepts contributions from corporations, it must determine whether the corporations are associated.

Generally, corporations are associated if they are owned or controlled by the same person or persons. For specific details, please see section 256 of the Income Tax Act (Canada). The contribution limits apply to associated corporations as if they were all a single corporation. The maximum amount that a contributor can give to candidates in the same jurisdiction (i.e. running for the same council or the same school board) is $5,000.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your contribution to our campaign for City Council!

John-Paul Danko

John-Paul Danko – 2016 Hamilton City Council Candidate

Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain

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Finally a candidate I can get excited about voting for! John-Paul has integrity, vision and a very personal stake in the future of Ward 7.

Dee College Teacher, Resident-Ward 7, Hamilton Central Mountain December 9, 2015

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Having worked with John-Paul on a project recently I was most impressed with his willingness to look at a problem from every angle and perspective, this is not a guy who is afraid to think outside the box and advocate for what he believes in.

Duane Civil Engineer, Grimsby December 9, 2015

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I wish John-Paul Danko had been the Councillor for Ward 7 during the ARC, he has already proven he wouldn't have been afraid to get involved with the process, get his hands dirty and work with the community! I will be voting for him on March 21st!

Stefanie Store Manager, Resident-Ward 7, Hamilton Central Mountain December 9, 2015

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I met you for the first time at my door this afternoon. I like the fact that you are an independent,born and continue to live in the ward and know the issues in the ward.
I firmly believe that we need fresh faces, NEW ideas in this city from top to bottom in order to move forward.
My first got my vote on March 21st.

Paul Ward 7 Resident - Hamilton Central Mountain February 1, 2016

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I’m endorsing John-Paul Danko as the independent candidate for Ward 7.

Ward 7 needs a city councillor that represents everyone, not just Conservative, Liberal, or NDP supporters.

Greg Executive Director of the Escarpment Project February 1, 2016


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