John-Paul Danko Ward 8 Hamilton City Council 2018 Election, Terry Whitehead, Christopher Cable 14 City Matters Climie, Anthony Simpson, Whitehead, Climie, Simpson, Wicken, Colleen

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Financial donations from our supporters make this campaign possible.  To contribute by credit card via PayPal, please click on one of the following links:

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I am committed to funding my campaign up to my personal contribution limit – but that leaves us far short of the $20,000 we need to ensure victory.

If you share my vision for Hamilton and Ward 8, please consider a financial contribution to our campaign – you can make a donation right now by credit card or PayPal by clicking on one of the links above.

If you are unable to provide a financial donation, please consider volunteering your time to help knock on doors, drop off fliers, make phone calls and put up signs – just use this contact form to reply with “Volunteer” in the subject line and we’d love to add you to our team.


If you would like to talk further before you make a donation, my direct mobile number is 9058185711, or by email at  I’d also love to connect with you on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your time – I look forward to your support!


John-Paul Danko, P. Eng.

John-Paul Danko Hamilton City Council Candidate

Ward 8 – West Central Mountain

John-Paul Danko Ward 8 Hamilton City Council 2018 Election, Terry Whitehead, Christopher Climie, Anthony Simpson, Whitehead, Climie, Simpson, wicken, colleen, colleen wicken

Please Note:

Due to changes to the Municipal Elections Act in 2017 corporate and trade union donations can no longer be accepted by municipal candidates.

All donations must be personal donations with a contribution limit of $1200 for individual donations and no more than $5000 can be donated to all candidates.


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I totally support you JP. Your dedication to community and genuine interest in issues of marginalization and oppression demonstrate how you're a leader this city needs to move forward so we can all thrive.

Tim Gordon Hamilton Mountain Social Worker

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Looks good JP! Mark me down for a donation as your thoughtful and enthusiastic voice will be a refreshing addition to Council!! 🙌

Alex Johnstone Hamilton Public School Trustee

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Nice!! Congrats man! You'll do great!

Jason Hamilton Resident

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We need city councilors who aren't just there to get elected over and over. I think you'll do great - good luck.

Simon Ward 8 Resident

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I wish John-Paul Danko had been the Councillor for Ward 8 during the ARC, he has already proven he wouldn't have been afraid to get involved with the process, get his hands dirty and work with the community!

Stefanie Store Manager, Resident-Ward 8, Hamilton Central Mountain

Ward 8 – 2018 Hamilton Municipal Election

This is an important election for WARD 8 and we need your help!Paypal donate now button OR USE THE FORM BELOW TO:

Thank you, John-Paul Danko