John-Paul Danko Raise The Hammer – In The News – Time to Reject the Status Quo and Reimagine Our Public Space

Dear Ward 7 Neighbours:

In my neighbourhood on the north central mountain, we have a number of underutilized business areas along our main arterial roadways such as Upper James and Upper Wellington.

In my recent opinion piece in Raise The Hammer, I touch on some ideas to reimagine our public space and some of the simple changes to the status quo that I would work for if elected.

You can read the piece here:

Time to Reject the Status Quo and Reimagine Our Public Space

Here are a few excerpts:

In many ways the north mountain is an island, cut off from the rest of the City by bottlenecks at the escarpment and at the Link, and the Jolley Cut is one of the City’s most active mountain accesses.

And while current traffic volumes on Upper Wellington might be suitable for a single lane of traffic in each direction today, a detailed traffic study would be required to determine the levels of service projected for future traffic growth.

OK – maybe we can’t permanently get rid of two lanes of traffic forever – so what!

Maybe we can get rid of two lanes for ten years. Maybe we can allow non-rush hour parking like on Kenilworth. Maybe all we need is narrower lanes, streetscaping and pedestrian crosswalks.

And why stop at just curbside parking and the occasional crosswalk – why not go for a complete streets redesign!

I have no idea what a final solution might look like, but as an engineer, I love complicated questions like this – because everything listed above can be quantified, analyzed and assigned costs and benefits (level of service, congestion, engineering, construction versus business tax revenue, livability, property values).

In the end, I think that the important part is a willingness to engage in an honest conversation and reject the status quo.


John-Paul Danko

John-Paul Danko – Hamilton City Council Candidate

Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain

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Great news. You have my husband and my vote. Please let us know if we can help your campaign in any way.

CJ Ward 8 Resident June 14, 2018

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I totally support you JP. Your dedication to community and genuine interest in issues of marginalization and oppression demonstrate how you're a leader this city needs to move forward so we can all thrive.

Tim Gordon Hamilton Mountain Social Worker June 14, 2018

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Great experience, I like that you have a young family are want to make Hamilton a better place for them. You've got my vote for sure.

Owen Ward 8 Resident February 1, 2016

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Having worked with John-Paul on a project recently I was most impressed with his willingness to look at a problem from every angle and perspective, this is not a guy who is afraid to think outside the box and advocate for what he believes in.

Duane Civil Engineer, Grimsby December 9, 2015

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Finally a candidate I can get excited about voting for! John-Paul has integrity, vision and a very personal stake in the future of Ward 8.

Dee College Teacher, Resident-Ward 8, Hamilton Central Mountain December 9, 2015

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